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the Local Area’s Electrical Needs


Located on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas, Lewisville has a variety of different electrical contractors, who will promise a homeowner quality services, but very few of them deliver the proper results. A responsible homeowner, you need a professional Lewisville electric contractor that is going to provide you with superior services and high quality results for a competitive price.

Arrow Electric is a family-owned and operated electric contractor that provides professional electrical services including electrical repairs, electrical inspections and more. All of our electricians are licensed, insured, background checked and drug tested before they are hired. They have the proper training and experience to handle any type of electrical issue or concern that you might have.

You shouldn’t trust just any electrical contractor to repair your home’s dangerous electrical wiring. You need a highly recommended Lewisville electrical contractor. Arrow Electric sports an A+ rating with the local Better Business Bureau, and we are the recipient of several consumer choice awards. It is our goal to provide our customers with the best customer service possible while repairing their electrical issues.

Lewisville Electrical Inspections

One of the best ways to ensure that your home and your family is safe from house fires induced by electrical issues is to have your home properly inspected by a professional Lewisville electric contractor.

At Arrow Electric, we proudly provide Lewisville with comprehensive home inspections, and it is our goal to be extremely thorough and leave no electrical element uninspected. It is our number one priority to keep your home and your family safe from unexpected electrical issues.

Our detailed inspection process will cover every electrical component in your home or commercial business. We check your light bulbs, outlet and switch operation, circuit breakers, grounding systems and more. Aside from pointing out any inconsistencies with y our electrical system, an electrical inspection will reveal inefficiencies and areas where improvements can help save you money and energy.

Lewisville Electrical Repairs

If you allow electrical issues to continue for too long, the result is going to be disastrous. Not only are our professionals skilled at finding problems with your electrical wiring, but we can also provide solutions to keep your electrical system functioning normally.

Arrow Electric has a team of qualified and professional trained electricians that will take care of your electrical repair services, and they will ensure that the job is done safely and correctly. When you begin working with electrical wiring and outlets, there is a high risk of electrical shock. Our professionals have the proper training and experience to handle high voltage repairs in a safe manner.

If you think your home is suffering from improper wiring or faulty outlets, then it is time for the professionals at Arrow Electric to inspect your home. We will provide you with electrical repair services that will leave you more than satisfied with the results.

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