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the Local Area’s Electrical Needs


University Park began as a cluster of homes in 1915. Today, it is an inner suburb of Dallas. As of 2010, the population was 23,068. University Park is surrounded by Dallas on three sides and the town of Highland Park to the south. The City of University Park operates several parks and public libraries as well as being the home of the mighty Southern Methodist University Mustangs.

University Park Back Up Home Generators

In times of emergencies, there is nothing better than having a University Park back up home generator installed by Arrow Electric for your home when a big thunderstorm knocks out your power. Having emergency backup power in your University Park homes to run much-needed appliances like lights, refrigerators, heaters, and air conditioners is a comfort you will be able to enjoy. You can rest assured you are getting an efficient, high performance, reliable product when you choose from our selection of top rated Madisonville home generators.

University Park Electrical Repairs

At Arrow Electric, our team of qualified University Park electricians will take care of your University Park residential electrical repairs and ensure the job is done safely and correctly. Electricity is helpful but logically it could be very dangerous. Faulty wiring and mishandling electrical components is dangerous, often leading to shocks and electrical fires.

University Park Surge Protection

The initial costs for your University Park whole house surge protector system may seem high, but it is a priceless investment in the long-run. There are more devices plugged into your University Park home at this moment than you realize. If your home has a direct strike from lightning then you could be paying more than you want to get your home back to normal. The simple fact is that EVERYTHING that is PLUGGED in can be affected by lightning.

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